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8                                LETTERS   FROM   THE

sat the ambassadors^ and a bench Is left for
Princes of the blood. Opposite to us sat, on
similar forms, the ladies of easy virtue of Paris!
When there is an abundance of foreigners, one
is forced to push and rush for places, in a very
disagreeable manner, as there are, in fact, only
sixteen places*

The introducteur came to the salle des am-
bassadeurs, where we were all assembled, and
ushered the foreigners to their seats some time
before the play began; he then fetched the corps
diplomatique. The Queen sat in her box, supposed
to be incognito, as was the King, high up opposite.
Monsieur representoit, and when he entered the piece
began. The spectacle was very fine, especially the
dances and decorations. The music was not very
good. Each new opera acted at Fontainebleau
costs the King one hundred and fifty thousand
francs. This theatre is awkwardly built for seeing,
being a long parallelogram j and it is not well

25th, Went to a boar-hunt with the Count
d'Artois. The uniform is green, crimson and gold.
The Queen came in a caleche and six, with her
ladies in other carriages; the Princess de Lamballe
on horseback. We found in the thickets above
Melun, and ran very hard across the plain and